Journey To The Centre Of The Earth



Journey to the Centre of the Earth offers a captivating storyline that provides adventure suitable for kids to interpret.

The book Journey to the Centre of the Earth is a science fiction novel written by a classic author, Jules Verne to capture its audiences’ wildest imagination and take them into a peculiar expedition to the heart of the planet Earth.  The book has 183 pages from beginning-to-end that provides profound unimagined scenarios that will expand your kids’ interest. The book itself is an excellent way for your kids who aspire to be writers someday. 

Originally published in the year 1864, Jules Verne’s continue to exist as critically acclaimed for its method of inventive visions. With its pocket and travel size, your kids will enjoy reading it with ease.


  • The Journey to the Centre of the earth book has 183 pages in paperback format.
  • Fun and educational storylines.
  • The product dimension is approximately 19.8 × 12.9 × 1.15 cm.
  • It is recommendable from ages 10 years old and above.

Ignite your kid’s imaginative adventure and join them as they read this great classic novel Journey to the Centre of the Earth.