Intex Donut Float Tube



Intex Donut Float Tube is great fun as you lounge around the pool on this giant floating baked good

Tweens and teens will love this Intex Donut Float Tube, and when we say giant we mean giant this piece of floating pretzel is a whopping 1.1m when inflated. Perfect for all your kids.

Features :

  • Smooth edges designed to be comfortable.
  • Easy to inflate (we recommend a pump)
  • Heavy gauge vinyl makes this baked good more likely to last more than one summer. Repair patch kit included.
  • Please note this is not a lifesaving device and adult supervision is imperative at all times.


Hop on your Intex Donut Float Tube and laze your way around the pool looking just like the pop and movie stars that made these inflatables famous.  Intex products are designed to the highest safety and quality standards for your peace of mind.