Hot Wheels Color Change Cars



Hot Wheels Color Change Cars add a whole new dimension to fun

Hot Wheels cars were first introduced in 1968 and went head to head with Matchbox cars until both were merged into one garage in 1997. Since the very first day Hot Wheels have been a favourite with kids of all ages in every playroom and playground. Being Die-cast they are extremely tough and ready for any action your child can throw at them.

Hot Wheels have now created the next level of paint work in their out of this world colour changing cars. Tired of the look of your Hot Wheels car, rinse it under warm water and it changes colour, then as it cools, it changes back, need to changeback faster, cold water will do the trick. Some cars are even two toned!!

Please note colors and styles vary and are picked at random.


  • Hot Wheels die-cast quality cars
  • 5 differernt colour changing cars to collect
  • Suitable for ages 3 plus

If your child thinks Bathurst is a car race and not a city in New South Wales then they need a the latest in Colour Changing cars from Hot Wheels

Some vehicles not for use with some special Hot Wheels sets.