Hatchimals Surprise Giraven Twin Egg



Hatchimals Surprise Giraven Twin Egg is hatching twins all over the world

Hatchimals Surprise are a new addition to the Interactive Toys range at Toy Universe, a Hatchimal starts life in a spotted egg, and as your child plays with the egg the hatching process begins. Kids can hear their Giraven moving inside the egg and hear sounds as it starts the hatching process, there are even lights to show the Giraven through the egg. But this time there are 2 glowing eyes and 2 sets of sounds.
Each Hatchimal is different and takes a different length of time to hatch, so kids will never know what is going to hatch. Once hatched your Giraven twins will need you to help them through three stages of growth from baby to kid, and you’re going to have an awesome time bringing up your Hatchimals.

Features :

  • Each Giraven egg is slightly different and Giraven twins hatch out of yellow and pink speckled eggs, and each Giraven Hatchimal has gorgeous wings.
  • The hatching process of a Hatchimal is a once in a lifetime experience, as you play with your egg you will see your Girvaens’ eyes light up inside and hear sounds. When your Giraven has received enough love to hatch, you will see their gorgeous rainbow eyes light up through the egg and they will start pecking their egg. Don’t forget Giraven can’t hatch on their own so keeping playing to help them hatch.
  • Once your special Giraven twins are out of their egg, they will be babies, so you need to teach them to walk, talk, dance, play games and more as they grow from baby to toddler to kid.
  • Each Giraven needs 2 AA batteries to keep developing, the first set is included.
  • To help you hatch your Hatchimal a full instruction booklet is included.


Hatch your very own Hatchimals Surprise Giraven Twin Egg from egg to kid and have an awesome time along the way. 

These genuine Hatchimal products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and safety and are recommended for children from the age of 3 years.