Grow A Llama Toy



This Grow A Llama Toy is perfect for young animal lovers

Let your child watch their toy grow right before their eyes with the Grow A Llama! This fun toy simply needs to be placed into water to make it grow from a baby llama and into a big llama – 6x its original size. Your child can repeat the process over and over by taking the fully grown llama out from the water and allow it to shrink back to its baby size.


  • The Grow A Llama Toy just needs to be dropped into water to watch it grow into a big llama!
  • Grows up to 6x its original size.
  • Watch it grow all over again by removing the toy once it’s fully grown, let it shrink to its original size then place it back into the water.
  • Product Dimensions: 10cm x 3cm x 16cm
  • Suitable for kids from 5 years and older.

Encourage your child to have a fun and simple playtime with a magically growing llama that just needs some water in the form of the Grow A Llama Toy!