Glitter Gelli Baff Bathtime Goo



Glitter Gelli Baff Bathtime Goo turns water into glittery pink goo and then back into water

This is the one and only original Gelli Baff Bathtime Goo. A must have for all children of bath age to bring fun and laughter to the bathroom again.

This version of Gelli Baff comes in pink with glitter, turn your bath into a princess lake full of gorgeous pink glittery goo.


  • 100% safe, non staining, easy to clean and otherwise harmless gel.
  • Add the Glitter Gelli Baff powder to your bath to turn the bath into a magical lagoon. Then when your kids are finshed playing add the Dissolver powder and the bath goo turns back into water.
  • Manufactured by a leading UK company 
  • Softens and cleans skins as they play.

Transform bath time into an awesome adventure with the  Gelli Baff !

Check out the video of Gelli Baff in action!