Girls Get Stitching



Girls Get Stitching features over 20 embroidery ideas and 10 stitches for little girls.

Teach your little girl how to embroider simple projects and make these creations her own. Girls Get Stitching highlights 20 different ideas, from simple embroidered cards to wearable art. Inside, kids can learn 10 easy embroidery stitches and tips on mixing and matching fabrics and patterns. There are instructions on hand stitching, basic sewing, thread, tracking down material and more.

Learning embroidery can become a wonderful shared experience between you and your child. This hobby also helps develop their creativity and motor skills, as girls create different projects for the family.


  • In this book, kids can learn how to make:
    • Cards
    • Gift tags
    • Mobile phone covers
    • Little toys, charms, key fobs
    • Purses
    • Stuffed hearts
    • Bags
    • Hats
    • Journal covers
    • Fabric jewellery
    • T-shirts
    • Scarves
    • Hairbands
    • Pocket decorations
    • And more!
  • Ideas to personalize clothes, decorations and other creative projects
  • Written by Susan McLaughlin
  • Paperback format with 128 pages
  • Dimensions: 24 x 19 x 1.4 cm
  • Suitable for kids ages 8+ years

With Girls Get Stitching, youngsters will have a blast creating different colourful works of art for themselves and their friends.