Flip Chart Phonics Word Families



Phonics Flip Chart Word Families is a remarkable learning tool designed for kids for school readiness.


The Phonics Flip Chart Word Families is an instructional chart made for pre-schoolers learning and struggling to read and spell. It is a fun way of teaching your kids to familiarize and enunciate words more naturally. With its flipping chart feature and attractive pictures, the learning process will never be more exciting and enticing for children. By turning over the chart, almost all the words in the English language can be produced from the mixing of these “word families” and the assorted “beginning” combinations. The educational activity will enhance and unlock your child’s intelligence as they grow older.

The Phonics Flip Chart has a variety of common words used in everyday conversation easy for kids to decipher. The chart is portable enough where your kids can learn, whether inside or outside the home.


  • Phonics Flip Chart Word Families is multi-coloured cover with animals such as Cat and Rat on the cover.
  • Inside the chart are word families and pictures for kids to match up.
  • Phonics Flip Chart – Word Families is one way to learn first reading and spelling.
  • It is a fun challenging, and educational activity.
  • It is recommended for 3 years old and up.

Teach your kids how to read and spell with this fantastic, “Phonics Flip Chat-World Families”.