Fisher Price Think and Learn Code A Pillar



Fisher Price Think and Learn Code A Pillar is a STEM based early learning toy that’s loads of fun

Fisher Price have taken the early learning of STEM concepts a step further by inventing the super fun Fisher Price Think and Learn Code A Pillar. This super cute Code A Pillar is built in a large format perfect for little hands and engages children in interactive play. Whilst it engages it also teaches the basics on which all STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers are built – critical thinking, problem solving, sequencing and planning. Through playing with the Code A Pillar your child will learn to direct the Code A Pillar to do certain activities in a sequence by changing it’s segments and rearranging them.  

Features :

  • The Fisher Price Think and Learn Code A Pillar is a terrific early learning tool for today’s kids who will grow up in a world heavily focused on STEM and computer technology.
  • That sound pretty serious right ? But the cool thing about the Code A Pillar is that it truly makes learning fun and gives children a feeling of mastery over the Code A Pillar.
  • The Fisher Price Think and Learn Code A Pillar works like this :
    • A motorized head has 8 detachable segments, which click apart and back together in any combination.
    • Kids can start by connecting a single segment to make the Code A Pillar go forward, left or right.
    • Each segment is colour coded with arrows to assist kids in choosing the segment they wish to connect next.
    • As their skills progress, kids can add additional segments to work their Code A Pillar in a certain sequence.
    • 2 destination targets are also included which kids can place at the end of a obstacle course which Code A Pillar needs to navigate to reach the target.
  • The Fisher Price Think and Learn Code A Pillar includes everyhing your child needs to have fun whilst they learn :
    • Code A Pillar with 8 segments: (3) move forward, (2) Turn Right 90 degrees, (2) Turn Left 90 degrees and (1) sound action segment
    • 2 destination targets
    • 1 motorized head
  • The Code A Pillar runs on batteries, and you will need 4 AA batteries to make him go.
  • Get your kids learning and developing their sequencing, critical thinking, reasoning, discovery, memory, problem solving and experimentation skills with this awesome toy.


The Fisher Price Think and Learn Code A Pillar is a fun, interactive learning toy for your future tech wiz.