Fireman Water Sprayer Set



Fireman Water Sprayer Set lets your child be a firefighter and use real water

Pretending to be a firefighter is awesome fun for little boys. Not only do they wear red, fight fires but they are real life heroes that rescue people and animals from burning buildings and as an added bonus drive in big red trucks, all favourites of little boys.

Features :

  • Great value, this kit contains a water backpack that you fill up and use to spray the pretend fire.
  • Attach the water hose to the backpack and you have a fire hose.
  • Use the handle on the water hose to control the water spray – just make sure you don’t spray Mum or Grandma – keep to your job fire fighters !
  • No batteries required and water backpack refills easily.


This super fun Fireman Water Sprayer Set is perfect for at home or for a party team it with one of our firefighter dress ups to complete the look.