Fartzooka Fart Machine



Fartzooka Fart Machine is all about farts – awesome!

If you don’t find farts funny then stay away from the Fartzooka, BUT we haven’t met a kid yet who won’t break out a massive smile or laugh when they hear the sweet strains of the Fartzooka!


  • Farts are funny, kids know this and that’s why the Fartzooka’s special giant farts amuse and entertain kids for hours.
  • Just prime the Fartzooka by pumping the plunger up and down, then sneak up behind Dad and let one-off.
  • Everyone is a prime target for the Fartzooka, parents friends over..Fartzooka, sister’s best friend annoying you…Fartzooka, need a laugh, sneak up on the dog and….Fartzooka!

The Fartzooka Fart Machine is an awesome fart machine that is not only full of farts but full of laughter!