Electronic Toy Cash Register with Scanner



Electronic Kids Toy Cash Register is a perfect toy for kids who enjoy playing shop.

At the end of the day your child just enjoys doing the things you do, you may not work as a shop assistant but have spent hours in queues waiting for one to serve you. Imitation is not only the greatest form of flattery but is also great for developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination and a myriad of other important developmental milestones.

The Electronic Toy Cash Register with Scanner set has lights, sounds and a working scanner, along with groceries and money your child can use to run their shop.


  • Features LCD display and a credit card swipe facility as well as a working microphone which kids can use to make shop announcements.
  • The cash register acts like a calculator helping kids with numbers, addition and making change.
  • Realistic sounds with each action and clear number display helps kids stay engaged.
  • Includes :
    • Cash register with scanner, working mircophone and credit card machine.
    • Opening and closing change draw with notes and plastic coins.
    • Bottles and coupons 
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries which are not included.

With all the bells and whistles of a real cash register and heaps of fun for your child this Electronic Toy Cash Register with Scanner is sure to be a hit.