Electronic Kids Toy Keyboard Pink



The Electronic Kids Toy Keyboard Pink is a great toy for your little performer

The Electronic Kids Toy Keyboard Pink comes with an adorable pink keyboard with 37 keys, a microphone and a stool that’s perfect for any child who loves to perform. The keyboard features an adjustable tempo so your child can listen and sing along to music while recording their performance! The keys on the keyboard also light up to the pre-recorded melodies to teach your child how to play them. 


  • The Electronic Kids Toy Keyboard Pink comes in an adorable pink colour and includes:
    • 1 Keyboard with 37 keys that light up
    • 1 Microphone
    • 1 Stool
    • 1 USB adapter
  • Comes with multiple tones and rhythms, an adjustable volume as well as recording and playback features.
  • Can be connected to MP3s and has an earphone input.
  • Can either be plugged or used with batteries (USB adapter Included)
  • Suitable for children from ages 2 to 6 years.

Encourage your child to perform and pursue their passion with the Electronic Kids Toy Keyboard Pink