DK: First History Encyclopedia



DK: First History Encyclopedia gives kids a strong historical foundation for grades 1 onwards.

DK: First History Encyclopedia explains all that happens in world history in this friendly guide complete with pictures. This reference book covers everything that children need to know about different historical events. Best of all, it follows the curriculum for grades 1 through 6.

Part of DK’s bestselling first reference book, this encyclopedia introduces learners to exciting areas of history. It will get kids hooked on learning about the past with events such as Ancient Egypt, Romans, the Vikings, World War I and World War II.


  • DK: First History Encyclopedia covers all topics required for grades 1 through 6.
  • Supports school learning, making it a great homework help
  • Key history topics are presented in a friendly and informative way.
  • Paperback format with 128 pages
  • Dimensions: 1 x 27.6 x 21.8 cm
  • Suitable for primary readers, 5 – 12 years

Get to know the events that shaped the past with the help of DK: First History Encyclopedia.