DK Eyewitness Planets



DK Eyewitness Planets is an illustrated guide with up-to-date photos from NASA and ESA.

Explore the solar system using the latest space imagery. With the DK Eyewitness Planets, kids can take a grand tour around our neighbouring planets. Children will get eyewitness views of rocky planets, asteroids, gas giants and other secrets of the universe. This guide uses the most up-to-date images taken by probes such as New Horizons and includes a fact-filled chart perfect for your child’s bedroom or classroom.

The DK Eyewitness Planets is visually stunning and filled with facts, making this series perfect for home learning and school projects. It comes with infographics, statistics, and timelines, so information is easy to digest. Plus, it makes an excellent gift for curious kids along with other DK Eyewitness books.


  • The DK Eyewitness Planets is a 72-page paperback book packed with facts about space exploration, other worlds of the Solar System, and the scientists behind these discoveries.
  • Visually stunning and detailed illustrations
  • Ideal for school or home learning
  • Improves vocabulary and reading comprehension
  • Collect with other Eyewitness books for extra knowledge
  • Approximate Weight: 0.370 kg
  • Approximate Dimensions: 0.8 cm x 28.1 cm x 21.8 cm
  • Suitable for young learners ages 8 and older

DK Eyewitness Planets engages kids in discoveries that are out of this world.