Creative Kids Blippi Dinosaur Puzzle



Creative Kids Blippi Dinosaur Puzzle brings this awesome set to children who love Blippi and to get their hands-on with their toys games.

Children from all over the world have really taken to Blippi and love all the fun and games that he gets up to. With this set, it is nice and bright, just like Blippi and with this, children are going to be very inspired. Most kids as well as loving Blippi, also love dinosaurs and this puzzle mixes these things together. This is a wooden puzzle and the idea is that children can tip it upside down and let the eight different puzzle pieces fall out. Children then need to figure out where all of the pieces go!

These pieces are very cute. There are cartoon dinosaurs such as triceratops, stegosaurus, and even Blippi riding on a T-Rex! This is very fun stuff indeed and while it is a lot of fun. Children will also be using and developing their problem-solving skills to figure out where each piece goes. Kids are going to really have a lot of fun with and it is going to be great for their fine motor skills too. Puzzles do not have to be boring and with the help of Blippi and a bunch of cute dinosaurs, this puzzle is far from boring!

Key Features:

  • This set features Blippi and some super cute dinosaurs
  • There are eight puzzle pieces for them to play with
  • The puzzle is bright and very colourful too!
  • Children will be utilizing their fine-motor skills with this puzzle
  • They also will be working on their problem-solving skills too
  • Dimensions: 1 x 29 x 29.5 cm
  • Suitable for kids ages 2+ years

Get dinosaur lovers busy completing this Creative Kids Blippi Puzzle.