Crayola Washable Glitter Paint – 6 Pack



Crayola Washable Glitter Paint – 6 Pack

Crayola, the legendary name in children’s art have done it again with their amazing glitter paint in 6 sizzling colours.

Art is a great way for your children to express themselves, unfortunately, they often choose to express themselves on their favourite shirt, the wall or floor. No worries, The Crayola Glitter Paint is washable and Non-Toxic water based product.


  • Adda touch of flare to your artwork, book covering and craft.
  • Non-Toxic and washable.
  • 6 psychedelic colours red sparks, orange sparkle, yellow blazes, green gleam, blue shimmer, violet flicker.

Crayola Glitter Paint takes your children’s artwork to a whole new level.