Crayola Washable Doodle Scents Markers – 18 Pack



Crayola  Washable Doodle Scents Markers includes 18 sweet smelling non-toxic washable markers

Crayola is the world leader in the Arts and Crafts department and create products that can be relied on for quality products that are 100% kid safe and non-toxic with ink that is washable from clothing, walls and furniture when your children “colour outside the lines”.

The 18 Washable Doodle Scent Markers are filled with the aromas of the childhood world like the great outdoors and the lemonade stand or even buttered popcorn. Bring your images to life with an amazing smell as well as beauty.


  • 25 Washable markers in 25 amazing scents including watermelon, chocolate muffin and coke to name a few.
  • The washable ink washes off almost every machine washable surface and others to name a few.
  • Vibrant colours that include the Crayola “Doesn’t dry out”. Simply dip the tip into water and your good to go.

Doodle scent markers add a whole new dimension to your childs smellart.