Craft For Kids Crochet A Caterpillar



The Craft For Kids Crochet A Caterpillar is a fantastic new DIY activity for your plush-loving child!

Give your child a new art project that will let them practise and add knitting to their ever-growing set of skills when you let them create their stuffed caterpillar with the Craft For Kids Crochet A Caterpillar! This amazing set opens up to everything your child would need to create a new plush friend that they can cuddle, play with, display or gift to their friend. It includes a crochet hook, multicoloured yarns, thread, stuffing, pre-cut felt pieces, chenille and a needle plus instructions sheet.


  • The Craft For Kids Crochet A Caterpillar includes:
    • Crochet Hook
    • Multicoloured Yarn
    • Stuffing
    • Needle
    • Thread
    • Chenille
    • Pre-Cut Felt Pieces
    • Illustrated Instructions Sheet
  • Perfect for DIY and craft-lovers!
  • Makes into an adorable and cuddly crocheted caterpillar plush.
  • Suitable for kids from 7 years and up.

Motivate your child to explore another wonderful hobby by letting them learn and practise with the Craft For Kids Crochet A Caterpillar!