Crackle Baff Bathtime Fun



Crackle Baff Bathtime Fun makes your bath water go snap, crackle and pop !

This is the one and only original Crackle Baff. A must have for all children of bath age to bring fun and laughter to the bathroom again.

Crackle Baff comes directly from the makers of Gelli Baff is super fun for your kids Gelli Baff, Slime Baff is super fun for your kids Slime Baff and Gelli Snow- and these guys know how to make bathtime awesome fun. The Crackle Baff contains enough crackle powder for 6 baths and will make your bath water snap, crackle and pop.


  • 100% safe, non staining, easy to clean and otherwise harmless powder.
  • Add the Crckle Baff powder to your bath to turn the bath into a crackling lagoon.
  • Manufactured by a leading UK company 
  • Softens and cleans skins as they play.


Transform bath time into an awesome adventure with Crackle Baff !