Construct It T-Rex Predator



Construct It T-Rex Predator features a 159-piece buildable king of the dinosaur.

Get kids building their own T-rex from scratch. The Construct It T-Rex Predator comes with 159 pieces, making it quite a challenging piece. Kids will enjoy piecing the structure together while exercising their imagination and motor skills.

Construct It sets are building and STEM learning toys that teach kids the basics of engineering while helping them work on their creative skills. The Platinum X range is made with stainless steel pieces that give the structures a cool look and feel. It also comes with real tools in the box.


  • This 159-piece set includes tools required to build a cool T-rex
  • Fun and educational set for building and STEM learning
  • Exercises creativity, critical thinking and motor skills
  • Made with stainless steel pieces
  • Also available in other animals, structures and vehicles
  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 30.2 x 23 cm
  • Suitable for kids, 8 years old onwards

Inspire tinkering and creativity with the Construct It T-Rex Predator.