Connect 4 Card Game



The Connect 4 Card Game requires each player to bring their ‘A’ game in every round! 

Do your kids wanna’ play the Connect 4 Game but is a bit too bulky for travel use? We got the solution for you! Introduce your kids to the Connect 4 Card Game – a fast-paced game that’s just as entertaining as the classic one. Each player must choose 2 Mission cards from the deck whilst keeping their patterns hidden from other players. They then must proceed to draw Connect 4 Tiles and attempt to arrange the patterns to match their Mission cards. 

The power symbols on cards will permit players to make extra actions that lead to the twists and turns of the game as they try to complete their 4 missions to claim victory.  The first player to complete 4 Missions wins!


  • The Connect 4 Card Game includes:
    • 55 Connect 4 Tiles
    • 24 Mission Cards
    • 1 Game Rules Sheet
  • This deck of cards is all your kids need to play the classic ‘Connect 4’ Game in a fun, fast-paced version.
  • The aim is to complete 4 Missions to win!
  • Box doubles as a compact storage unit
  • Made for 3 to 4 players.
  • Suitable for ages 6 years and older.

Encourage your kids to engage in the classic game with a new twist with the Connect 4 Card Game!