CollectA Wild Life Zebra Foal Toy Figure



CollectA brings a monochromic taste of the wildlife with the Zebra Foal Toy Figure, a great addition to your kid’s safari playset.

Native in Africa, zebras, have black fur with white stripes which are accurately hand-painted on the replica. Their feet are capped with strong hooves which give a solid kick to their predators. Known for their black and white stripes, zebras are one of the well-loved herbivores from the horse family. 

Even though zebras have the same colour, no two zebras look alike. They are even tagged as social animals that spend most of their time in herds – just like the talkative Marty from the movie Madagascar! They mostly eat grass and sleep while standing up. The Zebra Foal animal figure is professionally made that it stands upright on its own.


  • A highly detailed replica that highlights a zebra foul’s mane, rounded ears, a bushy tail, and strong hooves
  • Charmingly hand-painted in rich black and white with clean stripes to bring the zebra foal to life as accurately as possible
  • Made from premium quality and safe materials
  • Develops imagination, animal knowledge, and environmental awareness
  • A lovely gift to animal collectors or interior designers who love safari themes and black and white
  • Part of the Collect A Wild Life collection which features animals native to Africa
  • Best bought with Grevy’s Zebra and Common Zebra (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 8.6cm x 7cm
  • Suitable for 3 years & above

Discover the fantastic safari creatures and add the CollectA Wild Life Zebra Foal Toy Figure on your collection!