CollectA Wild Life Wild Boar M



CollectA Wild Boar proves to be true to its real-life counterpart as it depicts the animal’s tremendous strength and ferocious nature.  

The wild boar is the largest of the wild pigs and is a native to forests from different parts of the globe. It is known to have bristly hair with gray and blackish or brown color. Your kids might have seen them from cartoons, but this time, it’ll be in front of them to make them wonder if wild boars existed in real life.

Any wild board figure makes a great addition to a forest animal collection or any miniature forest biodiversity exhibit. It is always an excellent material for educational purposes and can be used for any display project. What makes the CollectA Wild Boar toy different is its scientifically accurate portrayal and quality construct, thoughtfully made so that your kids get the exact picture of these animals.


  • CollectA Wild Life Wild Boar M sports real-life characteristics, kids can learn more about them without having to see one in person.
  • Features highly-detailed sculpting and hand-painting
  • Kids would be more interested in wild boars as they spend more time playing with this figure 
  • Made with 100% safe materials
  • Approx: 9cm x 4.5cm
  • Perfect for kids 3 and above

The CollectA Wild Boar figure is crafted to the highest standards and made with high-quality and safe materials, making it a perfect piece that will complete your wildlife toy figure collection.