CollectA Wild Life White Lion Toy Figure



CollectA Wild Life White Lion Toy Figure showcases the majestic king of the jungle its extraordinary colour

Their white pigmentation is due to a recessive trait derived from a less-severe mutation in the same gene that causes albinism. They are usually bred in captivity ensuring the survival of their species because experts believed that they are unable to survive in the wild.

To capture their distinct feature, quality materials were used to create this beautiful toy figure. Crafted by hand, CollectA ensured that the figure will resemble its real-life counterpart in every aspect. Proper shading was carefully added to make sure that the image will stand out in any wildlife figure collection.


  • CollectA Wild Life White Lion Toy Figure is an awesome way to introduce your child to a new animal species.
  • High-quality and non-toxic materials were used to give them a stunning appearance while ensuring the toy is safe for your child.
  • Handcrafted, making sure that the toy will resemble its real-life counterpart.
  • Perfect for collections, entertainment and educational purposes.
  • Product Dimensions: 14 cm x 9 cm.
  • Suitable for kids ages 3 years and older.

Buy your child the CollectA Wild Life White Lion Toy Figure and get them learning whilst enjoying their playtime.