CollectA Wild Life Thylacine Tasmanian Tiger Toy Figure



CollectA Wild Life Thylacine Tasmanian Tiger Toy Figure will let your child immerse in creative roleplay while exploring the wildlife that lived for thousands of years

The Tasmanian tiger, sometimes known as the Tasmanian wolf and thylacine, is a marsupial and is closely related to the Tasmanian devil. Although it looks formidable, the thylacine is shy and timid and is not dangerous to humans.

If you haven’t seen a Tasmanian tiger, it’s because their species are already extinct. By enlisting the help of experts, CollectA was able to replicate the character of this exotic creature in accurate detail. This authentic figurine features a female thylacine’s wide-open jaw, slender frame and stripped back that earned it the title of a “tiger”.


  • Created by one of the world’s largest makers of toy animal replicas with the help of experts from around the globe
  • Factually accurate in both sculpture and painting
  • Perfect for roleplaying for educational purposes and for raising awareness of endangered species
  • CollectA figurines are made from high-quality PVC and hand-painted with non-toxic paint for safe playtime.
  • Round up your collection with other wildlife creations from CollectA
  • Dimensions: 11.6 cm x 4.8cm
  • Suitable for children ages 3 and up

Create a more interesting wildlife collection by adding this CollectA Wild Life Thylacine Tasmanian Tiger Toy Figure to your set.