CollectA Wild Life Striped Hyena Toy Figure



CollectA Wild Life Striped Hyena Toy Figure is an accurate depiction of the near-threatened animal species, a perfect toy for educational purposes and display.

The finely-detailed Striped Hyena miniature model is a collection must-have. This toy will add a sense of environmental consciousness, as children continue to learn about the wildlife, especially endangered animals like the nocturnal striped hyena.

Crafted to the fullest extent, this non-toxic animal toy is one of the closest striped hyena depiction. This realistic creation is a fitting accessory for dioramas, project displays, pretend habitat scenes, and role-playing games.


  • CollectA consulted the world’s experts in creating the Wild Life Striped Hyena Toy Figure to ensure that it is factually accurate for educational intent.
  • Let your kids play with finest-scaled toys and learn from it at the same time.
  • Perfect for both imaginative play and setting up a safari spectacle.
  • Solidly built and rigorously tested.
  • The entire figure is made of non-toxic, phthalate-free, and lead-free materials.
  • Works harmoniously with other CollectA figures!
  • For ages three and up!

Sporting the highest quality in painting and sculpture, the meticulously detailed Wild Life Striped Hyena Toy Figure is an excellent addition to your kids’ collection of animal replica.