CollectA Wild Life Ring-tailed Lemur Toy Figure



Sculpted in realistic detail, the Ring-Tailed Lemur Animal Figure by CollectA is a perfect addition to your child’s Madagascar exhibit and diorama.

This long-tailed animal is the most recognised lemur in the world due to its iconic tail that is longer than its body. The Ring-tailed Lemur is found exclusively on the island of Madagascar, and was made famous by the character named King Julien XIII of the 2005 animated film “Madagascar.” Despite the very long tail, the lemur’s tail is not prehensile and can’t be used to hold or grab objects. Instead, the tail is only used for balance and communication. This type of lemur is highly social and lives in groups of thirty. 

The animal figurine features a realistic slender frame and narrow face. The long bushy tail with black and white rings is the lemur’s trademark feature. Each detail was carefully crafted and painted by experts to produce a high-quality and accurate model.


  • CollectA Wild Life Ring-Tailed Lemur showcases accurate a high-quality replica that is best suited for educational purposes, displays, and exhibits.
  • This wildlife miniature figure was painted and checked by professionals to ensure the highest quality.
  • Introduces children to the primates and lemurs, and their natural habitat.
  • Dimensions: 8.1cm x 8.4cm
  • Suitable for kids 3 years of age and above

Like King Julien XIII, it’s time to “move it move it” and add this CollectA Wild Life Ring-Tailed Lemur Animal Figure to a fun playtime!