CollectA Wild Life Reticulated Giraffe XL



CollectA Wild Life Reticulated Giraffe toy figure is a miniature version of one of the endangered species of animals.

The reticulated giraffe is are a common species of giraffes your children can find in zoos. There are other giraffes subspecies in the wild and captivity, and children would want to know how each type differs from the other.

CollectA achieves a realistic representation of the reticulated giraffe after enlisting the help of world’s experts. All these efforts to come up with a scientifically accurate figure for additional confidence in educational exhibits, project displays, and as a toy for kids learning and playtime.


  • CollectA Wild Life Reticulated Giraffe XL is more than just a feature of a long-necked animal. This representation is a ground-breaking achievement as it’s one of the closest depiction one can acquire without breaking the bank!
  • Your kids learn more about animals as they play with this factually accurate replica
  • A good way to raise awareness about endangered animals and how humanity can help preserve them
  • Constructed of PVC and non-toxic acrylic paint
  • Dimensions: 15.5cm x 16.5cm
  • For kids 3 and up

These long-necked buddies shouldn’t be left out of your kids’ imaginative play. Time to get this CollectA Wild Life Reticulated Giraffe XL in their collection.