CollectA Wild Life Porcupine Indian Toy Figure



CollectA helps your child discover the wild world of rodents with this Wild Life Porcupine Toy Figure.

As the third-largest rodents in the world, the porcupine looks like a prickly beaver. A porcupine naturally has soft hair but has a mix of sharp quills on their back, sides, and tail. Typically, these quills lie flat on its back. The figurine, however, shows what a porcupine would look like when it is threatened.

Other notable features of a porcupine as seen on the replica is its small face, small ears, short legs, and a thick tail. Its flat feet and sharp claws help this herbivore climb trees as they eat leaves, stem, bark, and fruits.


  • A highly detailed and accurate description of a porcupine in its aggressive state as it confronts its predator
  • Beautifully hand-painted with true to life and exquisite details of its different textured furs.
  • Made with high-grade materials and guaranteed safe for kids
  • Encourages educational and creative play and adds awareness to the creatures of the wild
  • Part of CollectA’s wildlife collection along with other creatures native to Asia and Australasia
  • Dimensions: 5.7cm x 4.4cm
  • Suitable for kids ages 3 and up

Get hold of the forest’s prickly creatures with the CollectA Wild Life Porcupine Toy Figure! Don’t worry, the quills on this animal figure won’t hurt.