CollectA Wild Life Platypus Toy Figure



Surprise any collector with this CollectA Wild Life Platypus Toy Figure that realistically represents this odd but adorable creature.

One of the most unusual creatures in the world, the platypus looks like a cross between ducks, otters, and beavers. This odd animal hunts underwater and uses rocks to chew its food because it doesn’t have teeth. It is also one of the only two mammals that lay eggs!

This accurate depiction of the platypus displays the exotic mammal’s unique bill, webbed feet, tail, and furred body. Incredible as this may creature may be, the platypus is already considered “near threatened.” By engaging in creative role-play through this CollectA figurine, children may be encouraged to care and protect these delightful creatures and prevent their extinction.


  • CollectA Wild Life Platypus Toy Figure showcases a lifelike platypus from Australia for kids and collectors of all age groups.
  • The scaled-down animal figurine is true to life and great for use in pretend habitat scenes, dioramas, and other displays.
  • Hand-painted and sculpted by a leading manufacturer of the finest scaled replica collections
  • Made of high-quality materials and painted with non-toxic acrylic for safe playtime
  • Excellent for education and creative play
  • Dimensions: 9cm x 4cm
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

Make playtime more fun and educational by adding the CollectA Wild Life Platypus Toy Figure to your set.