CollectA Wild Life Ostrich Chick Sitting Toy Figure



Discover the birds that live in the African savannah with this Ostrich Chick Sitting Figure from CollectA’s Wild Life collection.¬†

Considered the world’s biggest bird, an ostrich stands up to 2.7m tall and has the weight of two full-grown men combined! This bird may not be able to fly, but it can run really fast when pursued by predators such as lions.

A baby ostrich comes out of the egg all feathered and ready to walk as portrayed in this realistic sitting ostrich figurine from CollectA. With the help of famous wildlife experts from across the globe, CollectA has made sure that each replica is factually accurate and as created as close as possible to the real thing!


  • Sculpted and painted to reflect the bird’s ruffled black and white features, spotted bare neck and clawed feet
  • Designed by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of scaled replica collections
  • Ideal for knowledge and entertainment to children and parents of all age groups
  • Great for educational purposes, pretend habitat scenes, dioramas and project displays
  • Promotes awareness of endangered species and consciousness of environmental protection
  • Made of high-quality PVC and painted with non-toxic acrylic
  • Dimension: 2cm x 4.5cm
  • Suitable for children ages 3 and up

Expand your knowledge about this flightless bird and its way of life by taking the CollectA Wild Life Ostrich Chick Sitting Toy Figure.