CollectA Wild Life Meerkat Walking Toy Figure



CollectA Wild Life Meerkat Walking Toy Figure captures a meerkat in action as it moves and leaves its burrow during the day. 

Meerkats are eusocial mammals, tunnels and live in large underground networks with multiple entrances just like an ant. Accurately represented on the figurine, these mongooses are characterized by a broad head, large peering eyes, a pointed snout, long legs, a thin tapering tail, and a speckled coat pattern. They are also small creatures with an actual length of about 24–35 cm and weighs less than a kilogram.

Richly hand-painted in gray, tan, and brown, this toy model precisely shows how a meerkat walks. A meerkat is also known for standing upright, but it walks with its four legs. This miniature exhibits how it moves as it hunts for plants and its favorite food- insects!


  • The CollectA Wild Life Meerkat Walking Toy Figure is detailed and accurately sculpted to represent the actual movement of a meerkat.
  • Precisely colored in a shade of beautiful combinations of gray, tan, and brown
  • Ideal for education purposes of the African wild and other animals that are not commonly known
  • Great for home decor and an awesome addition to a safari collection
  • Also available in a standing position (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 8cm x 2.3cm
  • Fantastic for safari fanatics ages 3 and up 

Complete your wildlife collection and don’t miss the CollectA Wild Life Meerkat Walking Toy Figure on your list!