CollectA Wild Life Maned Wolf M



CollectA Wild Life Maned Wolf M brings children and toy collectors a lifelike depiction of a rare maned wolf.

The maned wolf sports a distinctive golden colour and a fox-like appearance. However, although it has a wolf in its name, it’s not really a wolf, or a fox either. We’ll leave the journey to find the answers to curious kids. And this is how children could start learning about a maned wolf and other nearly threatened species.

CollectA shows an exact representation of the animal. It covers all the important characteristics to come up with a true to life replica. The only element that is not present is the unpleasant odour it emits, which earned it the name “skunk wolf.”


  • CollectA Wild Life Maned Wolf M is a figure about an interesting wildlife animal which opens another opportunity for kids’ learning
  • Introduce your kids to different species of the wilderness with this figure and other items from the CollectA lineup
  • Constructed with fine materials that are 100% safe and non-toxic
  • Dimensions: 8cm x 7cm
  • For kids 3 and up

The CollectA Wild Life Maned Wolf M adds an unusual animal figure that further expands your collection.