CollectA Wild Life Malayan Tapir Toy Figure



CollectA Wild Life Asia and Australasia Malayan Tapir is an eye-opening toy figure perfect for collectors and learning individuals.

The Malayan Tapir, also known as the Asian Tapir, is the only tapir species native to Asia. The Malayan Tapir’s unusual look is characterised by its small elephant-like trunk, which is just as mobile as that of an elephant’s. This intriguing animal can be readily identified by the light-coloured markings, which extends from the shoulders to the rear, perfect as camouflage against predators. 

As a top replica toymaker around the globe, CollectA aims to educate both kids and adults alike when it comes to environmental and animal awareness while promoting imaginative play. The Malaysian Tapir toy figure is intricately crafted to replicate this notable yet endangered specie down to the last possible detail. CollectA creates every toy figure in collaboration with well-known wildlife experts. 


  • Malayan Tapir belongs to the endangered and vulnerable population.
  • Perfect for raising species awareness amongst children.
  • It is made of top quality and non-toxic materials. 
  • Product dimension is 9cm x 5.5cm. 
  • Suitable for children with ages three (3) years old onwards. 

Raise your child’s consciousness on endangered species with CollectA’s Wild Life Asia and Australasia Malayan Tapir.