CollectA Wild Life Koala Eating Eucalyptus M



CollectA Wild Life Koala Eating Eucalyptus is a perfect companion for other toy figures in a make-believe setup.

Koalas have a limited diet. Thus, forcing them to conserve their energy by sleeping off most of the hours of their day. The miniature figure from CollectA shows an adorable marsupial munching on its favourite meal during its waking hours.

In an attempt to build a natural world with miniature figures, CollectA was able to arrive with high-quality sculptured and hand-painted pieces. This Koala toy received the same degree of craftsmanship as it exhibits a finely-scared entirety and accuracy to the smallest detail.


  • CollectA Wild Life Koala Eating Eucalyptus M boasts a true to life painted sculpture of an adorable marsupial eating its favourite, the eucalyptus leaves.¬†
  • Perfect to use on pretend habitats, animal-themed displays, and as an enriching toy for kids.
  • Children learn more about nature and animals as they spend time playing with this appealing toy figure
  • High-quality construction, entirely made of safe materials
  • Approx. Dimensions: 1.8″ L x 2.4″ H
  • Perfect for kids of age 3 and up

An animal kingdom collection won’t be complete without including the marsupials. Get your kids to learn more about them by adding this to their lineup of fantastic figures!