CollectA Wild Life Koala Climbing M



CollectA Wild Life Koala Climbing M features an adorable marsupial, and your kids would surely love to get to know about them more!

Koalas would need to conserve their energy due to their diet restrictions. They would spend most of their time sleeping. In the little waking hours they have, you might see them on trees, just like this spot-on depiction of a plump Koala hugging a trunk. 

The koala figure from CollectA sets forth an accurate image of the marsupial with thorough sculpture and hand-painting details. This perfection became possible for the brand after enlisting help from the world’s experts to arrive with nothing but factually accurate toy figures for educational and playtime use.


  • CollectA Wild Life Koala Climbing M is a must-have in a project display theme of the Australian fauna. 
  • This marsupial miniature figure is an unerring representation of its exact equivalent, making it a good decor and a fun educational toy for children.
  • Help kids become aware of koalas and learn more about other marsupials.
  • The tree-hugging koala is a sturdy piece that won’t easily break
  • Made of safe materials and non-toxic acryllic paint
  • Dimensions: 2″ L x 3.1″ H
  • Perfect for ages three and up

This marsupial is undeniably an eye-candy. See the CollectA Wild Life Koala Climbing M charm the way to your kids’ collection.