CollectA Wild Life Hippopotamus Calf Toy Figure



CollectA Wild Life Hippopotamus Calf Toy Figure will catch your child’s attention with this real-life model from the African safari.

The name Hippopotamus comes from the Ancient Greek, meaning ‘river horse’ in which they are famous for often basking on the shoreline. Hippo’s skin colour and texture are unique because of its ability to secrete an oily red substance called blood sweat. But it is neither blood nor sweat, and this oily red substance turns red-orange in minutes, eventually becoming brown. This unique quality is a skin moisturizer and sun defence that protects against germs.

Such information is meant for kids to learn during their playtime and helpful in expanding their knowledge of natural science. However, hippopotamus has been tagged by the IUCN as vulnerable because of its decline in population. CollectA helps kids getting introduced to this aggressive yet adorable mammal before they go endangered. This toy figure will help teach kids the value of life and their importance in maintaining the earth’s balance while at play.


  • Enjoy and learn from this real-life representation from the African wild with the CollectA Hippopotamus Calf Toy Figure
  • Handcrafted and painted with much attention to detail under the supervision of professionals from CollectA
  • Created using the finest and non-toxic materials recommended for very young children
  • Great as a pair with CollectA Wild Life Pygmy Hippopotamus Calf Toy Figure (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 6cm x 3.5cm
  • Suitable for children ages 3 years and up

Let your child’s imagination wander in the wild with CollectA Hippopotamus Calf Toy Figure in tow!