CollectA Wild Life Giant Panda Animal Figure



CollectA Wild Life Giant Panda showcases a realistic¬†animal figure of a lovable creature. Your kid’s collection won’t be complete without it!

The Giant Panda is a cute, massive furball with rich black and white fur. Apart from their appearance, the panda’s gentle nature and diet of bamboo shoots despite being under the carnivoran classification set it apart from bears. Unfortunately, these adorable beasts are under the list of highly vulnerable and endangered species due to loss of habitat and low birth rate.

The Giant Panda miniature from CollectA showcases the lifelike anatomy and characteristics of its real-life counterpart. Kids will giggle from the sight of this animal and would love to have one in their collection. Moreover, they can use it in their science projects.


  • CollectA Wild Life Giant Panda Animal Figure is suitable for project displays, dioramas and as an exciting and enriching toy for children.
  • Animal figures, especially of endangered animals, will raise awareness on children about these species that need humanity’s protection.
  • Kids learn more about wild animals as they spend more time playing with their figures.
  • Perfect sculpture and excellent hand-painting to achieve a realistic look
  • PVC-made and hand-painted with non-toxic acrylic
  • Dimensions: 4.5cm x 9.5cm
  • Perfect for kids aged 3 and up

CollectA Wild Life Giant Panda Animal Figure is a cute and fantastic toy your kids will surely appreciate!