CollectA Wild Life Giant Eland Antelope Toy Figure



CollectA Wild Life Giant Eland Antelope toy figure adds a vibe of savanna into your child’s growing collection.

With a body length of almost three meters, the giant eland appears as the world’s largest antelope. This wild savanna wanderer brandishes spiral horns and displays a smooth coat of reddish-brown colour to chestnut. These antelopes are fast runners and exceptional jumpers with the help of their robust hindquarters.

Due to the lack of wildlife management and overhunting in the savanna regions, giant elands are under the threat of becoming extinct. This animal figure will help children become aware of these vulnerable species as well as ways on how humanity can help preserve them.


  • CollectA’s Wild Life Giant Eland Antelope is a factually-accurate toy figure perfect for savanna-themed displays and your child’s science project presentations.
  • Let the young ones discover more about endangered animals as they spend more time with these figures from CollectA Wild Life lineup.
  • Constructed with PVC and hand-painted with toxic-free acrylic for safe use of children
  • Dimensions: 13cm x 12.5cm
  • Suitable for children aged 3 and up

Bring the spirit of savanna to your child’s toy collection with the CollectA Wild Life Giant Eland Antelope Toy Figure.