CollectA Wild Life Chimpanzee Female Toy Figure



CollectA Wild Life Chimpanzee Female Toy Figure is a vital piece in a wilderness habitat, making it an excellent addition to your kid’s lineup of animal figures.

In all species, mothers play an important role throughout the development of their children. This is especially true for chimpanzees. Mother chimpanzees have fascinating relationships with their infants as baby chimps are always with their mothers for support and protection. As shown in this figure, the female chimpanzee demonstrates a gesture of sincere affection. 

Adding this Chimpanzee figure from CollectA is a good way to start your kid’s collection of wildlife safari animals. The figure has noticeably distinct features and striking attention to detail. It is built with high quality standards in both sculpture and painting, making it a perfect candidate for your collection. Moreover, it can be used for educational purposes as it is guaranteed to be safe for children.


  • CollectA Wild Life Chimpanzee Female Toy Figure is suitable for project displays, exhibits and as a fun, learning toy for children.
  • Kids develop a better understanding of animals, their characteristics and behaviour after spending time playing with their figures.
  • Scientifically-accurate figure created with safe and non-toxic materials
  • Dimensions: 5.5cm x 5cm
  • Perfect for ages 3 and up

Enhance your child’s animal toy lineup by adding the CollectA Wild Life Chimpanzee Female Toy Figure in their collection.