CollectA Wild Life Bongo Antelope Animal Figure



Meet the friendly antelopes of the jungle with the Wild Life Bongo Animal Figure from CollectA.

Found in tropical jungles, the Bongos are one of the largest forest antelopes. They are beautifully coated in deep chestnut with bright white stripes on their sides, with both sexes having massive spiral horns. These lovely stripes help with camouflage as they hide from their predators. 

CollectA brings the Bongo Antelope to life with its rich hand-painting and intricate sculpting. The replica mimics the animal in a slow walking pose, which it usually does. Spark your child’s imagination as you introduce the Bongo with its distinctive stripes and goat-like appearance. 


  • The CollectA Wild Life Bongo Antelope Animal Figure is precisely crafted with full attention to details for a realistic-looking miniature.
  • Hand-painted and skillfully coloured with clean lines and grading to accurately represent the beloved creature
  • Excellent educational material as it brings awareness to our environment’s endangered species
  • Ideal for storytelling, playtime and can be used as decor and gifts
  • Best bought together with animals from CollectA’s Wild Life collection
  • Dimensions: 12.2cm x 11.2cm
  • Ideal for kids 3 years and up

Upgrade your child’s miniature safari with the CollectA Wild Life Bongo Antelope Animal Figure!