CollectA Wild Life Black Leopard Toy Figure



CollectA Wild Life Black Leopard is a unique and rare toy figure as it is in real life.

While most leopards are typically known for their golden-red tan coloured fur, the Black Leopard has a unique ground colouring, leading it to belong to only 11% of the melanistic Leopards living in the glorious wild. Like its tan brothers and sisters, the Black Leopard is also abundantly marked with distinctive black rings and enclosed small spots. 

CollectA is one of the top replica toy makers in the world. The company aims to create a natural and realistic world which can both stir up a child’s wild imagination, and satisfy the curiosity of collectors. The CollectA Black Leopard toy figure is carefully handcrafted to make it look true to life. It is designed by renowned experts in wildlife. 


  • The CollectA Wild Life Africa Black Leopard replica toy figure is a unique creation that introduces something which isn’t always found in the real world. 
  • Your child’s imagination will run wild with the intricacies of this toy figure. 
  • It is made of high quality and non-toxic materials.
  • Product dimension is 12.8cm x 7.5cm
  • Suitable for kids aged 3 years old and above

Create a natural miniature world to raise your child’s species awareness with CollectA’s Wild Life Africa Black Leopard Toy Figure.