CollectA Wild Life Black Angus Bull Figure



CollectA Wild Life Black Angus Bull Figure shows a sturdy cattle breed perfect for your any farm animal figure collection

The Black Angus, also known as the Aberdeen Angus, is a hardy cattle that can survive harsh winters. Adult Angus cattle have large muscle content, and breeders cross them with dairy cows to a boosted beef production. There is no identified genetic difference between the Red and Black Angus, apart from their colour.

With the help of experts on the Angus Bull, CollectA was able to produce a lifelike image of this cattle. It works well with a variety of setting such as a busy farm or the untamed wilderness. Moreover, kids can use these realistic figures as toy displays and in their school projects.


  • CollectA Wild Life Black Angus Bull Figure is suitable for project displays, dioramas and as a fun, educational toy for kids.
  • Kids learn more about animals and their differences as they spend time playing with these figures
  • Scientifically-accurate material made from resilient PVC plastic and non-toxic paint
  • Dimensions: 12cm x 6.5 cm
  • Perfect for kids aged 3 and up

Complete your child’s cattle lineup by adding this CollectA Wild Life Black Angus Bull Figure into their animal collection!