CollectA Wild Life American Bald Eagle M



CollectA American Bald Eagle displays the same majestic looks of the US National bird with its excellent and faultless representation of the popular bird of prey.

Powerful fliers, the bald eagle can soar thermal currents as it maintains its wings flat like a board. These birds are not really bald, but their heads sport white feathers; thus, earning the description “white-headed.” Their large and hooked beaks give them a distinct look, as well as its yellow irises. These qualities were amazingly present in this artistic depiction of the American bald eagle.

CollectA cleverly puts the bald eagle figure on a rock-shaped stand for display purposes. The miniature shows the flying predator with its talons gripping on the rock stand with its strong wings spread upward as if it is about to take a rest after long hours of gliding and flapping through the vast warm skies.


  • CollectA Wild Life American Bald Eagle M showcases a majestic-looking bird of prey, that will look good as a symbol and as a toy in an already fantastic collection.
  • Perfect sculpture and hand-painting to depict a scientifically accurate figure suitable for educational exhibits, project displays and as toys for children
  • Made of non-toxic materials, making it 100% safe for kids
  • Dimensions: 10.5cm x 9cm
  • Perfect for children aged 3 and up

Add fierce-looking bird figures such as the CollectA Wild Life American Bald Eagle M to complete your animal collection.