CollectA Wild Life African Elephant XL



The CollectA African Elephant animal figure is an incredibly realistic representation of the large mammal. It is so life-like that you can even picture it moving.

The African Elephant is the largest walking animal on earth and inhabits over 37 countries in Africa. Perhaps their most recognizable feature is their trunk, which they use for communication and handling objects. They have large ears that flap like wings allowing them to radiate excess heat. An African safari display won’t be complete without an elephant figure in the mix.

The CollectA African Elephant stays true to its real-life counterpart with its graphic sculpting. The elephant figure is excellent for educational purposes or fun toys for kids. It may also be used as a tangible tool for endangered species awareness and environmental consciousness.


  • CollectA Wild Life African Elephant XL sports craftsmanship and hand-painting like no other despite its affordable price.
  • Suitable for a range of exhibits, pretend habitat displays, and as a source of kids’ imaginative entertainment.
  • Enlightens both children and adults about animal backgrounds, endangered species, and environmental concerns
  • Built with PVC and hand-painted with 100% safe acrylic paint.
  • Approx size: 15cm x 9cm
  • Perfect for children of ages 3 and above

Looking to complete a safari-themed display? How about wanting your kids to learn more about wildlife as they enjoy playing? Add this CollectA Wild Life African Elephant XL to complete their collection!