CollectA Wild Life Africa Hippopotamus Toy Figure



CollectA Wild Life Africa Hippopotamus Toy Figure represents a good swimmer which can stay underwater for five minutes. 

The Hippopotamus loves water so much that its name was derived from a Greek word which means “river horse.” Hippopotamuses can spend all day submerged in lakes and rivers and are often noticed walking on lake floors or lying in shallow waters. Hippos do this to cool their massive bodies down due to African heat. Their skins also secrete a sunscreen-like substance for protection. With nostrils and eyes located high on its head, the Hippopotamus can easily breathe and see even when submerged. 

As one of the leading animal replica toymakers in the world, CollectA takes pride in another masterpiece to add to its Wild Life Africa collection. Each figure is carefully designed and handcrafted to create a true-to-life replica of the animals it represents. CollectA works in collaboration with wildlife experts and top artists in the country. 


  • CollectA Wild Life Africa Hippopotamus Toy Figure is perfect for display and educational purposes.
  • Your children will enjoy the realistic details. 
  • It is made with high-quality PVS and non-toxic materials. 
  • Product dimension is 14cm x 8.6cm
  • Suitable for kids aged three (3) years old and above.

Allow your children to learn about animals and their importance with CollectA Wild Life Africa Hippopotamus Toy Figure.