CollectA Wild Life Africa Common Zebra Animal Figure



CollectA Wild Life Africa Common Zebra is a must-have fauna toy for your juvenile.

The “common zebra” to all outward appearances, is the most widespread of all zebra species. This kind of zebras is usually found in the areas of Ethiopia, Botswana, South Africa, and East Africa. Characterised by the white stripes covering their bodies, these animals belong to the wildlife category. Studies show that a zebra’s primary background is black. They sleep while standing and will most likely get some rest only if surrounded by other zebras – getting them warned of incoming predators.

CollectA is one of the toy animal replica toymakers in the world. All animal figurines are delicately crafted and designed to ensure a realistic representation of the animal kingdom. The miniature replicas are used to foster nature awareness and environmental protection. CollectA continually works in collaboration with renowned wildlife experts. 


  • The CollectA Wild Life Africa Common Zebra toy figure can be used in educational institutions or various display areas. 
  • Encourage imaginative play with this realistic toy figure. 
  • It is made with high-quality PVC and non-toxic materials. 
  • Product dimension is 12.4cm x 9.3cm
  • Suitable for children aged three (3) years old and above.

Let your child learn about the animal kingdom with CollectA Wild Life Africa Common Zebra Toy Figure.