CollectA Sow and Piglets Family



This CollectA Set features a family of a sow with her 5 piglets as they nurse from their mum on the hay.

Inspired by their real-life counterparts, this CollectA Sow and Piglets Family Set includes a group of 5 piglets nursing on their mummy sow as she lays on hay. It is said that pigs often create a huddle just to maintain physical contact but do not normally gather in large herds.

Known for producing some of the world’s finest scaled figures, CollectA offers high-quality products to entertain and educate children and adults alike. The figures are very versatile which means they can be used for roleplay or raising children’s awareness about endangered species, environmental protection and more.


  • The CollectA Sow and Piglets Family includes a moulded mummy sow laying on her side and 5 piglets nursing on hay.
  • Each animal figure comes with amazing details, high-quality paints and is made from non-toxic, durable PVC.
  • Non-articulated.
  • Perfect for displays, collections and pretend-play for entertainment or educational purposes.
  • Collect other CollectA figures and accessories to give your child their very own animal figurine collection for extended fun (each sold separately).
  • Package Dimensions: 12.3cm x 8.2cm
  • Suitable for ages kids from 3 years and older.

Nourish your child’s love for farm-themed pretend-play when you allow them to add the CollectA Sow and Piglets Family to their collection!