CollectA Prehistoric World Tyrannosaurus Rex Green



CollectA Prehistoric World Tyrannosaurus Rex Green is an epic toy figure of the most represented apex predator in the world.

The T-Rex, also known as the Tyrant Lizard King, is an apex predator that packs the strongest bite. With its powerful jaws and a set of 50 saw-edged, sharp teeth with length up to 25cm, it’s impossible to survive once it catches the unfortunate prey. Moreover, the T-rex has a thick, scaly skin, and it’s not that easy to penetrate through him while maintaining a safe range. Their colours are still unknown, but this representation imagines a ferocious, green T-rex.

CollectA dreams of building a world of miniature, and that includes dinosaurs as well. With the help of experts who dedicated their lives studying fossil evidence, the company achieved producing finely-scaled toys that resemble their real-life counterparts.


  • CollectA Prehistoric World Tyrannosaurus Rex Green is a crucial piece in a dinosaur collection and any Jurassic-themed display.
  • Let your kids enrich their knowledge about T-rex and other dinosaurs from CollectA’s Prehistoric World lineup.
  • Constructed with PVC and non-toxic materials¬†
  • Paleontologist-approved figures based on data gathered from years of historical findings
  • Dimensions: 18cm x 8 cm
  • Perfect for kids aged 3 and up

A dinosaur lineup won’t be complete and fantastic enough without the CollectA Prehistoric World Tyrannosaurus Rex Green.